Antivirus and disinfection

電解銀イオン水で安心安全なウイルス対策      日本製

* By showing this evaluation data, it is a product that has been proven to be effective in accordance with clear U.S. evaluation standards. This is the world's first evidence of Ag ionized water, and this product is of great value.

It is an effective product for a wide range of infection control by synergistic effects of silver ions and ethanol.
  • Silver ions enter nuclear viruses and bacteria, destroying cells and indestructing them.
  • Eranol is a virus or bacteria that deprives heat and moisture by air

  1. Efficacy of covid-19 strains has been confirmed in the United States.
  2. The effect of ethanol on ineffective norovirus has been confirmed.
    (Based on the evidence data for confirming the effectiveness of alternative feline cassilivirus)
  3. More than 60% alcohol is a fire hazard, while Sunsilver AL is a non-hazardous material.
  4. The continuousness of antibacterial and antibacterial power is excellent.
  5. Compared to existing synthetic fungicides, it has an antibacterial effect against a wider range of sterilizations. In addition, resistant bacteria are hard to be created.
  6. It is toxic to microorganisms, but extremely safe for humans and animals.
  7. The silver-specific lasting effect remaining after ethanol evaporation suppresses the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.


It is effective against any virus or bacteria with or without envelopes (fat-soluble shells), and strongly demonstrates the disinfection effect that is the power of silver from the moment it is touched.

Ginion Mizu is also used to prevent legionella contamination in baths, and is attracting attention as a skin-friendly and environmentally friendly sterilization method. It is also less allergic and can be safely used for antimicrobial use of small children, pets and masks.