Aerial photography

Giving shape to important "thoughts"

We plan and produce corporate promotional videos.

Benefits of making a promotional video
★ You can send a lot of information in a short time.
★ Able to appeal to emotions
★ Easy to convey brand image
★ Differentiate yourself from other companies

And more...
By using aerial images, you can see the location environment at a glance.

Production Achievements

We also produce aerial photo panels.

Drone School

In order to fly a drone outdoors, various procedures such as aircraft registration and flight application are required.
"I didn't know" is not allowed by the law.
Self-style is a kick.

Instructors with backgrounds such as manufacturer-certified instructors, manufacturer-certified mechanics, instructors at Shizuoka Prefectural Hamamatsu Technical College, and Shizuoka Prefecture's initiative "Beautiful and dignified eupside creation" video production will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.

Two courses are available

◆ Eco Ray Drone School
This is a two-day course for those who want to learn well with a curriculum certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
After completing the course, you will be issued a "Drone Safety Operation Manager Certificate".

◆ Drone basic course
This is a one-day course for those who want to enjoy flying a drone and make use of it for work.
You can learn basic knowledge in a short period of time.
A "Certificate Card" will be issued after the course is completed.

Drone Sales

We sell the world's No. 1 sure, DJI drones.
Please feel free to provide post-purchase support as well as pre-purchase consultation.

Flight Application Support

We provide flight application agency support in cooperation with administrative scriveners.
If you do not know how to apply well, do not have time, etc., please do not hesitate to consult us.
We will notify you before the permit or approval letter expires.

Please feel free to contact us